Top Ten Things to Do in Krabi

For a brief or longer stay, visitors to Krabi should not miss out on the top ten things to do:

1. Rent a long tail boat and take some packed lunchboxes along, to explore the surreal beauty of Koh Hong, named after its hollowed out shape. The ‘Hong’ (meaning ‘room’) is in the middle of the island, formed by limestone rocks.

2. Kayak to Ao Thalene, a peaceful lush mangrove, where the delicate balance of nature is perfectly maintained – simply an amazing sight to see!

3. Visit Railey – one of Thailand’s most sought-after beaches – with its stunning limestone cliffs, white sandy beaches, including the Princess Cave Beach. Railey is ideal for lazing on the beach or getting active with some rockclimbing.

4. Discover the secret jungle lagoon in Khao Pra Bang Khram Wildlife Sanctuary. Enter through lush green jungle, to find a glistening emerald lagoon on the other side…

5. Go jungle trekking, where extreme excitement awaits! Adventure seekers delight in various trails, such as Khao Phanom Bencha and Kao Pra Bang Khram.

6. Make a day of scuba diving and snorkelling. The underwater world of the Krabi province is a must-see, especially the popular spot of the Phi Phi Islands.

7. Watch the sunset by the beach, while enjoying delicious cuisine – simple but extraordinary! Tub Kaek Beach provides and idyllic setting, with a backdrop of small islands dotted along the horizon, while the sun gleams and glitters across the water in brilliant colour.

8. Try out elephant trekking – there are many ways to explore the spectacular natural environment of Krabi, but being on the back of an elephant is an unforgettable experience!

9. Visit the Tiger Cave Temple, a quiet and peaceful atmosphere for meditation. There are two passages, 1200 steps up to the hilltop, where the striking view is worth the sweating! And 130 steps up to the monks’ cottages.

10. Be pampered and massaged at Chao Nang Spa. Our gracious and attentive staff of professional therapists offers a full range of health and beauty treatments that are sure to wash away the stress and worries of everyday life. A visit to this peaceful refuge is the perfect way to unwind from a day at the beach, or from exploring the natural beauty of Krabi.